Neopets Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island

Neopets Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island is an adventure platform game that follows Jake the Kougra through the dangerous and wondrous terrains of Mystery Island in pursuit of the lost treasure of the Kawillawoa Kingdom.  Swing across vines, dodge boulders and collect loot throughout the  levels of Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island, Neopets’ spin on Indiana Jones! Neopets Cave and Corridors: Mystery Island is a nice and fun game where you will be playing as an explorer named Jake who is searching for the golden idol when navigating the beaches, volcanoes and jungles. You will be able to collect gems and coins, and even fruits and other nice stuff to get more points!

How to Play

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island is a straightforward game with simple controls.  Move left and right using the arrow keys.  Climb ladders and vines using the up arrow.  Jump across platforms using the space bar.  You can also move laterally from vine to vine by tapping the left or right arrow keys.

Your objective is to collect the Island fruit at the end of each level as quickly as possible.  Collecting treasure along the way will bank you extra points but is not necessary to complete the level.  However, your level score will earn you a bronze, silver or gold trophy, depending on how well you do.  As you progress through the game, the advanced levels will require a minimum amount of silver trophies before unlocking.  The final level will require a silver trophy from all eleven of the previous levels.

Even if the game looks easy, it is harder than you think. You will have to use the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard, along with the spacebar in order to be able to climb on vines, move forward and backward, and to jump on platforms. During every level, gems, coins and  fruits will be there for you to grab. Collecting the fruit will end the current level. Collecting the treasure will give you more points to your total and will also increase your chance of getting a better trophy for the current level. Getting the treasure will also make you unlock more levels that you can play to get more points from. When you finish a level, a map screen will be shown to you so that you can decide the level you will want to play next. The level you choose is not really important, because you will have to do all of them anyways. If you want to advance further in the game, your objective will be to unlock the most amount of levels possible.  To unlock the levels, the bronze trophies you will acquire will not be enough. You will have to show minimum efforts to get silver or gold trophies. If you are able to achieve a good score in a short time lapse, you will be awarded silver or gold. Otherwise, you will be given a bronze trophy that you do not want, unless you are only playing for the fun or for nps. If you are looking forward the final level of the game, a minimum of a silver trophy will be required for all the levels.

During the game, few obstacles will give a a harder time to achieve your goal. For this reason, you will have to be vigilant.

The first obstacle is the boulders. These boulders will be able to bounce forever and will fall from the top of your gaming screen. It will bounce randomly and once it goes in the lake, it will pop up again from the top. The second obstacle are statues that are usually found in mystery island. They are a face looking stone that will shoot darts at you if you are in their angel of fire. If you move in their back, they will turn to your direction and fire again, so you are not safe. The last obstacle are the jagged rocks. They will be tricky, so make sure you do not walk on them. Make sure you also never drop on them or you will lose time and a life. In a short summary, any of these obstacles will take a life from you. You do not want that, because if you lose all of your lives, the game will come to its end.

How to Lose

Jake is granted three lives at the beginning of the game and once he loses them all, it’s game over!  There are five ways to lose a life in a level, outlined in this table:

Demise Description
Crushed by a boulder Boulders roll/bounce down the platforms of a level from the top of the screen.  If you let a boulder touch Jake, he’s done for.
Impaled by a spike There are retractable groups of spikes that emerge from the ground in set locations of a level.  While it is harmless to walk into the sides of these spikes, if Jake falls or jumps on top of them, you’re toast.
Drowned Jake can’t swim.
Shot with a spear The Mystery Island totem heads will fire spears at Jake if he stays in their line of vision for too long! Don’t let him get hit with a spear or it’s lights out!
Beat by the clock Jake only has 99 seconds to collect the Island fruit.  Don’t take the scenic route!

If you do lose all of your lives, your game will finish but you will be given the option to Continue Game.  Choosing this option will return you to the level map where your progress and trophies will remain.  However, your points will be reset to zero. 🙁


There are two way to score points in Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island: collecting treasure and banking in remaining time.

Different pieces of treasure are worth different amounts of points.  The Kougra Statue is worth 2 points.  The triple gold bar is worth 4 points.  The golden coin is worth 6 points.  The gold chest is worth 20 points.  The green gem is worth 30 points and the red gem is worth a whopping 40 points.

Additionally, upon completing a level, your remaining time is halved and added to your total score.

Neopets Cave & Corridors: Mystery Island is a good game when it comes to points. As to know how many points you need for each trophy, it is hard and you do not want to know what you will have to do. All you should keep in mind is that the better you do, the better your trophy will be. Many treasures will be found during the game that will give you points and that will also determine the trophy that will be given to you. The points depends of the piece of treasure you will collect. Upon successful completion of a level, the time that will be remaining on the clock picture will be divided in two, then added to your total score. When you are going after a treasure, you will have to “not take” a treasure that will take a lot of seconds to take. By a lot of seconds, it means usually more than four. You will have to finish the level with an undetermined amount of points to get the trophy you deserve. Do well, and you will be fine. If you don’t get gold, at least you will get silver. Each treasure will give you a different amount of points. Six different piece of treasures will be found during the game. The first one will grant you a total of 2 points. Most of the time, if it is not on your path, you should not go after it because you will waste lots of time. The second treasure will award you will four points. Again, do not waste time on it if it is not on your path. The circle round is a treasure that will grant you 6 points. If you can manage to get it within 2 second or less, go after it. 20 points will be awarded for the fourth treasure. The last two treasures are gems, which are respectively green and red gems. The green one will add a total of 30 points to your total score, and the red one, a total of 40 points. Whenever you see these, grab them using the shortest amount of time possible. Though, they are rarer. If you’re going after a trophy or after a high score, make sure all of your levels are unlocked so that you can play the thirteenth level in last. Why last you ask? Because once you complete it, it will be an automatic game over and you will then have to start a new game. If you haven’t done the levels before, for example, the twelfth, you will not be given a chance to do so after the completion of the thirteenth.

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island Cheats and Tips

  • Use the code freetime to stop the timer for the duration of the current level.  Use this code on the level that you find the most time-consuming.
  • Use the code gimmeabreak to gain an extra life
  • Use the code nomorerocks to stop all boulders from appearing in the current level
  • The level is usually laid out with a visible route of ladders and vines.  This is not always the quickest route.  Jumping across and from platforms is quicker than climbing up/down vines, which is sometimes unnecessary.
  • Kougra states, golden bars and golden coins are sometimes not worth the time that it takes to collect them.  For example, do not go six seconds (3 points) out of your way to collect a 2 point Kougra Statue.
  • Level solutions and walkthroughs are available on petpage guides

Type “gimmeabreak” for an extra life during the game. Make sure you do this using the least amount of time possible, because time means more points. Type “freetime” to freeze the timer for the current level. This cheat is good for the longest games, so that if you’re going after a high score or after a trophy, you do not waste time. The last cheat you can use is “nomorerocks” that will make all of the boulders disappear for the current level you’re playing. You should also look at falling down than climbing down vines, because you will be wasting less time. Below is a guide for all the levels, respectively that you should follow if you’re going after a trophy.

Level 1: For this level, start by climbing up the ladders then go straigth to the left. If there is a boulder coming, wait it to go away so that you can jump on the platform that will be located on your right. When this is done, jump quickly to the vines and grab the coins. Don’t waste time climbing then, simply fall down to the Turihar Berry in order to successfully complete the level.

Level 2: During the second level, start by climbing the vines to the left of the screen to successfully grab the coin. Never forget to look at the boulder so that you don’t die and lose a life. Wait the long vine for it to be a safe environment for you. After that, cross the vines so that you can take the right direction and successfully grab the coins, then drop down to see the golden Kougra. Make sure you do not climb down, because you will waste precious time and it will be deducted of your total points. When this is done, climb on the long vine once again, for the last time, then jump to the platform that is located on the left. If the spikes are not shown, walk on them quickly. If you are scared to lose a life, wait them to show up then to retract. Alternatively, if you do not want to lose time, you can jump over them. There will be gold, take it then cross the spikes. Climb to the ladder to get the second idol and then climb to the last of the vine. Wait the spikes to successfully retract, then fall down to the side of the platform to reach the Islandberry. At this time, the level will be complete.

Level 3: For the third level, as soon as the level starts, jump to the right to successfully grab the green gem that will award you 30 total points. When that is done, jump back to the left side to get the red gem (that gives 40 points total). Then immediately climb up the vine that is located under the platform (near the mystery island statue) to grab the coin in the path, then jump on the vine that is located on the right. Jump on the platform and get the other coin that is on the second vine. Don’t wait there too much though, otherwise the statue will aim at you and fire. If you are hit, you will lose a life. Be safe. After that, jump then go back to the vine that was on the left side of the screen, then climb it for the last time to reach the platform (that has the second statue). Now, take the coin that will be in your path when you will cross the ladder and go all your way to the right so that you can jump to the vine to climb. Get as high as you can then jump down to get the golden object, and finish by getting to the Tangleberry to successfully complete the current level.

Level 4: This level will give you a hard time completing it, but if you follow this guide step by step, you should be fine. Start the level by climbing up the vine that is located in front of Jake and take a quick jump on the platforms where there are the vines located on the right. If there is a boulder coming your way, avoid it at any cost or you will lose a life. When this is done, grab the coins you will see then immediately fall down to the platform on the left side of the screen. Then, take the ladder. There will be a statue waiting you, so go immediately to the left to get the Kougra idol, then take the coins when you climb the vine and run along the platform where you will jump on the vine that is located on the right. After that, take a final jump all your way to Rahkleaf Melon and you will be able to end the current level.

Level 5: Start the fifth level by climbing of the ladder that is located on the right. You will then see a passing boulder, wait it to go away so that you can walk across the platform and climb the vine that will be the nearest to Jake. After that, grab all the coins you will see in your path and get back to the second vine that is on the left. Fall down to the platform (on the left side) to climb up the ladder. Take the golden object from the platform and walk to the left on the long vine. Finish the level by sliding down to Oranella.

Level 6: As soon as the sixth level starts, climb up the ladder and go to the small platform that is located on the right side of the screen. Make sure you jump over the spikes so that you don’t lose a life and get the vines (even though you will lose some time there). Then, jump to go on the vine and to grab the coins. When you got all the coins, drop down, not by too much, so that you can get on the ground located between the spikes. Make sure you take the red gem that will give you 40 points, and climb back the ladder so that you can jump again to the vine, all your way going to the top. When the vines are crossed, climb the one located on the extreme right to climb up the ladder. Fall on the platform, located on the left side and finish the game by jumping on the platform to get the Lemwart.

Level 7: When the level starts, climb the vine up so that you can find yourself, Jake, under the platform that is in the middle. After that, cross the vines to collect the coins in your path. When you get to the other side of the platform, climb, once again, the first vine you will encounter so that you can successfully grab the red gems (that will grant you 40 points each). When this is done, slide to the vine located on the left, then all your way to the long vine. There, you will be able to get the green gem (that gives you 30 points total). After that, climb back to go on the shortest vines, grab the coin, slide to the final vine and finish the current level.

Level 8: For the eighth level, start it by climbing the vine. Of course, you will have to jump to reach it. Then, go on the platform you will encounter. Waste no time, go over the platform to jump to the long vine located on the left side of your screen. You will want to act fast there, because of the statue. Make sure you pay attention to the passing boulders. Proceed by climbing up the vine that is located just under the current platform and go all your way to get the Kougra idol. Go to the right and fall to the next platform. Get the gold objects (Obviously, when the spike is in the ground) then go to climb the vine. Finish the level by dropping to the lower platform located on the right of the screen, and take the last ladder.

Level 9: In this level, you will start in the middle of the map. Start by walking to the left side and climb up the ladder. Make sure you avoid the spike. Jump from the spikes that are located on the extreme top of the current ladder. Go to the right side (to avoid the boulders) when you successfully get to the top. Whenever there is nothing in your path, fall to the platform on the left side and climb the ladder to get on the next platform. When you fall, make sure you do not jump. After that, jump to the vines that are located on the right side to get the coins and the green gem on the lower platform. Go on the vine by jumping on it (it is on the left) and climb it. Finish the level by going to the Cocoa Juppie.

Level 10: You might want to use the freezing timer bonus for this level, because not everyone is skilled in jumping. To start the level, climb the vine located on the left side to its half, and then go to the left. Go on the ground (on the left side corner). Get the red gem and climb the vines. After that, go to the left side to get the golden item. When you got it, jump on the small platform that is located on the right and jump to the next vine. Start climbing it to the maximum top and then fall down to the lower platform on the left. You will also want to go to the lower platform that has a statue on it to get the coin, then to jump to the other side (your spawning point). Climb on the vine there and go to the end of the current platform so that you can jump. Grab the coins you will see and fall down to the lower platform. Fall to the platform to grab the green gem, then to the next platform all your way to Islandberry. There, you will finish the tenth level.

Level 11: Start the level by jumping on the first vine you see so that you can get to the top and go your way through the vines located on the left side. When you do that, go to the vine on the left side. Jump over the vines and climb the long one to grab the coin. Fall down to the lower platform that is located on the left side and climb the ladder for the second coin. Get the third coin then fall down to the lower platform on the right side for a golden object. After that, fall again to another lower platform. Finish the level by taking the ladder down all your way to the left (to the Blobbule).

Level 12: For this level, climb the vine ( on the left side ) then go to the next one when you are on the top. Get the coin then climb to reach the platform that contain the gold objects. Proceed to the right side for the other coin, then fall down to get the red gem. When this is done, waste no time: jump to the longer vines (on the right) to grab the last coin and then go to the lower platform for the green gem. You will want to fall down a last time to finish the level. For this, you will have to land on the platform that has Banan on it.

Level 13: For this last level, start the game by climbing up the ladder then go your way to the end of the current platform so that you can take the coin that is in your path. Fall down to the floor to grab reliquary and then go jump back on the vine. Go on the top of it to grab the two coins you will find, and then proceed into jumping to get the green gem on the lower platform. Fall again to the smaller platform in order to climb the vine located on the left side of the screen to grab the final coin. Go on the right vine by falling on it and then climb it for the last time and jump to the last platform. There you will be able to get the mystical tiki idol and finish the game. This level will end the game, even if the twelfth level, for example, was not done.


You’re now equipped with all of the knowledge you need to find the mystical tiki idol.  Happy treasure hunting!

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