Neopets Bouncy Supreme

Neopets Bouncy Supreme is a very fun game that will give you the opportunity to take a visit to the Jelly World, as a Jelly Blumaroo that will be hopping on jelly pillars. Unfortunately, these hills are located on volcano that contain jelly laval, and if you fail at jumping on them you will lose a life. Neopets Bouncy Supreme is a good game that will help you become more precise with angle and shooting, and this game is the perfect one for you simply because it will require some brain strength.


During the game of Neopets Bouncy Supreme, you will have to mainly use your mouse to control the traject that will be made by your jelly Blumaroo. You will have to be a guide for him, thus making the right decisions (by choosing the perfect angle) so that he can jump safely to the next pillar. Fortunately, your Jelly Blum will not be able to slide, so that even if you made him successfully get at the very corner of the pillar, he will be safe. Once you hit star to begin the game, a total of 60 seconds will be available for you that can be found on the timer (clock) at the bottom of the screen. This time represents how long you can still play the game until the red pterodactyl catches you.

Every time you make a jump that is a success, you will be given a total of 3 additional seconds. By grabbing all the coins that are on your path will give you a bonus of 2 extra seconds. The game will never end until you will lose all of your lives or if the pterodactyl catches you. This game is mostly based about skills. If you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy, you will be able to take them at any time you wish during the month if you think that you have the skills. Because there is almost no luck involved in the game, it is also a good choice if you would like to train.

Control & Points

During the game, your main friend is the cursor of your mouse that will be shown in the game (on the game screen) with a white little circle. This one is directly connected to your Jelly Blumaroo and it will give him different angles the higher or the lower you place your mouse. The higher it is, the higher your blumaroo will jump and the opposite way around the lower it is.

You will be given points upon successfully arriving to the next pillar, and upon grabbing coins. The coins, each of them, will be worth a total of 2 points (depends on its color) and it will usually appear in a set of 5 coins. The total number of points that will be awarded upon successfully going to the next pillar will depend on the jumping distance. A longer jump will result in you, getting more points. That means, it is more beneficial for you to jump at the end edge corner than to jump at the first edge corner, simply because you will be given more points. Also, some people prefer to ignore coins and keep going their way while jumping on the pillars, which is a good option because you will become faster and earn, possibly, points the “faster” way.

Neopets Bouncy Supreme Strategy & Cheats

During the first three jumps of the game, you  will be given dots that will show you the angle that your Jelly Blumaroo will take. After that, it is no longer available for you so that you will have to decide by your own. At first, it will take you some time to get into it but it is really about training. A good advice would be to ignore the angles and just go by what your mind tells you, and with time, you will get better. Of course, slowly but surely.

Alternatively, as previously said, you can focus on getting successful jumps and not really care about the coins. Yes, they give extra points and time, but if you are good at jumping, you will be able to do it within less than 2 seconds and many coins will be grabbed without you, aiming at them in the first place. From there, you can continue and earn the most points you can. Because this game has no limits, this method is really recommended. Good luck avoiding the Jelly lava!

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