Neopets Adventure Generator

Neopets Adventure Generator is a game where it will list a complete set of Neoadventures for you to progress in, and it will also give you the ability to browse these adventures by some of the easiest ways, meaning by categories, or by usernames. There will be a top 40 reserved for the top 40 highest rated Neoadventures that will be played by Neopians. Neopets Adventure Generator will also give you the opportunity to browse in a category to locate a test or even a quiz for you to complete.


During the Neopets Adventure Generator, you will be able to browse adventure and be able to see a list where there will be written the title and the creator of it. There will also be many descriptions for each and every adventure. You will be able to click on the Info range to see the creator’s user lookup. This way, you will be able to directly Neomail them if you have any questions or concerns about their adventure. Another range will be offered for you to click, it is the Rating one. This will tell you, to give you more information about other people who have participated in the adventure and are well positioned to tell you what they think about it (if it was easy, hard, boring, relaxing, nice, interesting, etc), rating it on a scale of one to five. There will be also a range called Category, which will give you information about the type of the adventure that you will be facing next. A last range is offered to you, which is the Pages. This one will give you information about the number of pages that were needed in order to creator the specific adventure you’re planning to participate on. It will also tell you the amount of time it will take, but it is not really a necessary information.

During the Neopets Adventure Generator, you will encounter different lengths of adventures. For example, you will be facing long adventures, but it does not mean they’re necessarily good for your advantage, or not. The Test and Quiz section is where you will enjoy long adventures the most simply because they will give you a higher quiz quality for you to complete, thus more questions and results. Of course, there are also short quiz but don’t start thinking they’re bad or whatever.


When you start the Neopets Adventure Generator, you will be given a black window with green sentences on it. You will be presented with a short guide on how to play. This can be considered as an introductory page that will explain to you the instructions of the quiz, depending on the battle and on the setting for the specific story. After this dialogue, your adventure will begin, so you will have to get ready.

There will be from one to four options on every page of the screen. These pages will indicate what you will have to do for each link that will change your current location to another page of the adventure (that will be depended of the adventure you first picked). The adventures will be taking you to the next steps, after that.

Whenever the adventure is completely finished, you will have the opportunity (and you’re really considered) to give the creator a heads up that you’ve done their adventure and that you think x thing, and y thing. You can also Neomail them to let them know what you preferred or like the least, so that they can maybe change it in the future and get working on it. If there were technical difficulties during the Neopets Adventure Generator, you should also Neomail the creator and give a full and detailed explanation about what has exactly happened, etc. You will be able to rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 is the best. Do not rate the games based on how well you’ve played the game. If you’re not good enough, it is not a reason to give them a 1. If you’ve found it easy, it is also not a reason to give them a 5. Look at the game performance and if it is missing something. If you think that “it is the perfect adventure”, then go ahead and give them a 5.

Making The Adventure

You’ve probably played a lot of adventures and had so much fun that you’ve decided to come up with your own. No problem, you will be able to do so by clicking on the button Create Your Own Adventure. Once this is done, you will see a page called Creating your Neoadventure. When you see this page, it means that you will have to name the Adventure a name you’d like. After that, you will have to proceed to the idea of the story. If you’re really stuck on what it will be able, there will be a Generate button for you to click, and it will give you random titles and inspiration for your own advantage. If you’re really hard minded and would like to create the game yourself, then don’t create on generate. Simply wait until a good story comes flying past your head!

After that, you will have to decide the color scheme of the adventure you have chosen, to use on. There will be a background color for you to pick, and there will also be the font color for the text on the specific page. Another color will be for the title, which is located at the top. A link color is on the bottom and the border color is directly under the title bar for you to use between the pictures.

When the color picking is done, you can now think of whether or not you would like to make page numbers. That means you will be able to think on your own and decide if you’re going to tell other neopian participants if they are on the page of your Neoadventure, currently.

How to Edit

Of course, you will sometimes make mistakes or change your mind and you will want to know how to edit your adventure in order to make it better (or worse). You would maybe want to make it more fair or even more challenging, all that is up to you. If you’re looking to edit it, simply click on the button that is located on the Neopets Adventure Generator page and it will get you back to the editing section.

When your Neoadventure is ready, you will be given the opportunity to create the first page of yours. To do that, simply type in a text for the page of your choice and that’s it. You will also be given the opportunity to add extra stuff to the page of your choice.


Yes, you will be able to add pictures to make the adventure more and more exciting. It is recommended that you actually use this feature for all of your pages, simply because the pictures will give your sentences a “life”. It has been scientifically proved that plain texts will make people lose interest, three times more than if the text contain pictures. Also, the pictures will be easy to add compared to choosing a title, which is what you have done at the beginning. Note that the picture you will be providing will have to come from site or from the Don’t get mad, though, because there is a large variety of pictures for you to choose from. There are many that you will even be flooded with. You will find pets, items, etc.

Whenever you have picked the picture(s) you want, click on them with the right button of your mouse and copy to url. If you have a Mac, simply press on CTRL then click. After that, you will want to go to Add a page to be able to paste the link in the space you will see there. Then, you will have to make sure that you have successfully deleted the part that will always show near the bar. The reason behind that is that the URL will be there and it will be put there twice if you do not remove it. It is not a big deal, though, but it is better to remove it to assure a clean and smooth action.

Note that teh pictures are currently broken for now until TNT fixes the problem. The URL will be broken when you will try to put in. Simply report them to TNT so that they can look further into it.


Of course, an adventure always has an exit, otherwise you will never be able to go to a different place. It is possible to add exists, but you will have to create more pages. When this is done, you will be able to edit the pages so that you can make a network of exits that will make the story better in a way.

Exits are actually a really important factor of the game because they will serve a lot of functions during the levels, and they will even take the hero of yours to the next step during the Neoadventure. Multiple exits can be found during an adventure and the player will be able to choose the destiny of their choice, for the specific story. As an example, if a hero is going to the edge, on x location, and that his enemy is chasing him. You will be able to give him these exists so that he can get a chance to survive. This is a very important and fundamental part of the game simply because it does really determine the easiness or the hardness of an adventure.

Each page can have a total of four exists. There will be lines where you will be able to type on it the text of your choice and the answer for it (what the hero will do next, for example). When all of your exits are successfully created, your achievement will be ready.


Note that every adventure will have to end the adventure, because it is impossible for a Neoadventure to be unlimited. To do that, you will have to add Dead Ends and Finish Lines. A dead End is a adventure where your hero will have died or he has failed because a monster was successfully able to chase him. A Finish Line is where the hero of the adventure is successfully saved because he has succeeded in his task to kill the dragon, do x job, etc. If you still don’t know what both stand for, consider that the Dead Ends are “bad endings” and that the Finish Lines are “good endings”.


There will be a Master List accessible for you so that you can decide whether to want to create a Neoadventure, if you would like to edit or delete it. It is really recommended in case you have came back with different ideas, etc. There will also be a title with an interrogative mark that you will see everywhere coming up. Use it for your own advantage, as it will give you more information about the current task you are working on. TNT’s instructions have also been very helpful, so it may be a good choice to click on them for your own purpose.

If you would like to edit a page, or to delete it, all you will have to do is to click on the button (located on the line near the page). The first page, however, will not be able to be delete. You will only be able to edit it if you’re not happy with it.

Remember that if you’re looking to create a page, you will have to click on the Add a Page link that will be located at the top of the page. From there you will be able to think on a title, and on your adventure. If you’re not happy with it, with the title, or with anything else, simply edit. You will be able to edit as many times as you want, and don’t forget to use pictures to make the adventures more interesting.

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