Neopets AAA’s Revenge

AAA’s Revenge centers around the cruelty Aristotle A. Avinroo (AAA) faced by the hands of the ruthless King Roothless. AAA has set out to seek revenge by breaking into the King’s castle!

Neopets AAA's Revenge

AAA’s Revenge – How to Play

The objective of the game is simple, just don’t let King Roothless fall asleep. You will navigate AAA around the King’s castle by using the left arrow and right arrow key (which will move AAA clockwise and counter-clockwise around the castle’s perimeter. If you hit the Space Bar, you will launch AAA’s yoyo. You’ll have to continuously move around the map and hit AAA, while going undetected by the King’s guards walking around. Once the game beings everyone is stationary and you get three easy hits on the King. If you happen to pull out your Yoyo, and it lands in the line of sight of a guard, then the yoyo will be confiscated.

AAA's Revenge

AAA’s Revenge – When you Lose

King Roothless will being yawning fifteen seconds after you hit him with the Yoyo, and five seconds after that he will fall asleep. Thus you have twenty seconds in-between hits to maneuver around. If Roothless falls asleep or you are out of Yoyos, than you loose.

AAA’s Revenge – Items

Items will periodically appear on the map, and you will get a small reward each time you collect them (by slinging your Yo-yo at the item). The shield however is a deterrent, as you can not just sit in one place and continuously hit Roothless. If you hit him three times from the same gap in the wall, the shield will appear, and if you use the same gap again, you will loose a yoyo.

Yoyo Grants 1 additional yoyo
Snowflake Freezes the guards for 5 seconds
Present Adds 10 points to your score
Shield Steals 1 yoyo when solid

AAA’s Revenge – Scoring

AAA’s Revenge’s scoring system is quite simple. You get 1 point when hitting Roothless, and consecutive fast hits right after that are worth 2 points. Additionally each item you collect is worth 1 point.

AAA’s Revenge – Cheats

To maximize your points, you want to quickly hit AAA’s in rapid successions. This will earn you the most amount of points rather than hitting him once and moving around! If the flashing shield appears, hit Roothless from another angle/gap. When Roothless yawns, you have five seconds to hit him again before the game ends!

AAA’s Revenge – Avatar

Neopets AAA's Revenge Avatar
To be awarded the AAA’s Revenge Avatar, you need a score of 1,000+ in AAA’s Revenge.

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