Neopets Greasemonkey


The official description states that Greasemonkey allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript. So what does that exactly mean? Simply put, it lets you install SCRIPTS that add or change features about a webpage. For example, it might make everything on a website in pt 12 Arial font, or add an exit button to a frame, or click a series of links for you. Each script is applicable to certain settable webpages. To use any of the neopets greasemonkey programs/scripts posted on this website, you will need to install Greasemonkey first, or it’s counterpart if you’re not using Firefox.


There are tons of neopets greasemonkey scripts available to be downloaded, that have been created and uploaded by various users. These are all free and can be found at the holy grail for Greasemonkey scripts, There are greasemonkey autobuyers, game autoplayers, greasemoney score senders, neoquest trainers, and etc.  The list is endless.


Greasemonkey can be added as an extension to FIREFOX. For the purpose of simplicity, this guide, and any uploads, will reference Greasemonkey when talking about scripts, but other browsers are supported as well as can be seen below. You can download it safely and for free here:

Chrome users have it easy. Chrome already has a built-in function to support userscripts. If you wish to have a simple interface, similiar to greasemonkey, than I suggest you download Tampermonkey:

Safari users, you can use an adapted version called Greasekit. Like above, not all Greasemonkey scripts are compatible with Greasekit.


Greasemonkey is completely safe. However, the scripts are created by other users and can be malicious. They can grab your cookies, etc. Although the vast majority of scripts are created for good purposes, there are, as always, bad people out there. is mostly safe. Because of the open forum format, most scripts are already downloaded and tested by other users. Glitches, bugs, and any malicious activity will usually be prompty reported or posted on the script page by users. The scripts we upload to, will be verified to be safe to use!


Oh, that’s very easy. although it took me awhile to figure out. First, enable greasemonkey (assuming you’ve already installed it and restarted firefox) by clicking the little grey monkey in the bottom right corner of your FF browser. It should turn from a frowning grey monkey to a happy colored one. Or (for firefox), click Tools > Greasemonkey > Enable. To install a script, press the Install button on userscripts. Click install again on the button, and bam you’re done! If you have the script downloaded on your desktop, than open up the script with Firefox and you will be asked if you’d like to install the script.


You can adjust a scripts’ applied pages, code, etc. by clicking Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts.


We have many popular greasemonkey scripts added to our site. Check our sidebar, near the end for a full list of them on our site. We’ve added a bit more below for your convenience.

Neopets : Underwater Fishing
Reels in your line for all your pets
Neopets Greasemoney

Neopets : Quick Price Checker
Enables Alt+W to quickly check the price of the selected text and converts it into a link
Neopets Greasemoney

Neopets Score Sender

Neopets score senders are life savers! When used properly, you can make 300,000NP daily, and get neopets avatars and neopets trophies easily!

With historical neopets score senders, you would need to go out and find score sender lists, and make sure they are optimized and such. But with out neopets greasemonkey score sender, all that is already preset for you. Visit what game you’d like to score send for, and you’ll be promptly with already set options.

You’ll need Greasemonkey already installed, if you don’t have so already, you can view our guide here. Once you download it, or if you already have it, you can download the Neopets Score Sender below:

Neopets Score Sender Download

Go to the neopets game section and then right click open a new tab and then you should see another icon next to the game, click on that instead of Click on Play, it will give you a popup always pay attention to the score that they have as default, if its outrageous and impossible #, delete it and put it like 5 or 6 points above the avatar score; if you try to get the trophy first hand, you will be frozen; you need to work your way up to the trophy.

If you use the score sender right and not try to get all the avatars at one time, you will be fine. The score senders are great for the Double NP games, if it is on the avatar list.

Here is an example of results the neopets score sender can produce:
Neopets Score Sender

Here is screenshots of the neopets score sender in action:

Neopets Score Sender

A neopets career usually starts simply- with games, which are what most people find as the first way to earn neopoints. These games can be anywhere from clicking monotonously, such as NeoQuest, to fast paced multiplayer adventures like KeyQuest – but the most important of all are the hundreds of flash games that give the average neopian the chance to not only compete with other players, but also consistently earn neopoints daily with their favorite games. It may appear slow going, but finding the right games with the right ratios will yield the competent player with an opportunity to to earn many hundreds of thousands of neopoints a day through grinding through dozens of games, three times a day. And from this toil, it was first asked long ago- why can’t this be done for me?

Some games like Kass Basher take seconds to hit a score that will yield a full thousand neopoints, whereas others take up to five minutes of careful timing and planning to continuously recreate a fulfilling run through. After quite of a few of these games, your average neopets user is spending hours simply idling with flash games to create income. The score sender takes this quintessential neopian activity and gives it automation, and even more effectiveness through the ability to play any game, to any score, for any amount of time- all factors that will be discussed later in full, since they play a large part and safely and effectively getting the most out of scoresending.

Most neopians might find it helpful to finish their daily 50k, 100k, or 200k from a simple click of the button- but it’s more complicated than that, and there’s more to just getting free stuff (well, not really; it’s still mostly free). The rest of this guide will take into account everything the average neopian needs to know to make the most of the score sender.

How does Scoresending work?

To most people, the score sender is simply a “go” button under a list of times and games you found on a forum somewhere- which doesn’t help explain how it works or what it means to TNT. Understanding better both the nature of sending scores, as well as what the various functions of a score sender are, will help improve both how one uses the program and stays safe while doing so. To start, it’s important to understand the concept and function of the score sender.

The “send” part of “scoresend” first shows itself to the average neopian at the end of playing a game- you either click send score, or continue playing again. In a sense, the main purpose of the score sender is to replicate that function, but without actually playing the game. The program, given a time to wait, first accesses the game, then after that period of time sends the server the data that one would instead send by playing and achieving a certain score. Keep in mind that the program isn’t actually “playing” the game- TNT can’t see the fact that no one is clicking any buttons or pressing any keys. All that really comes to pass is a certain wait time, and then the neopets server receives information that _xxxneopetsrulexx_ has just scored 4,000 on Bounce Bounce Bounce. It’s from this that it becomes apparent that the times and sequences allotted to games mean quite a bit when considering the safety and effectiveness of a score sender.

Many score senders will have different options regarding all the different parts of simulating this process- but their overarching design is mostly the same. It’s important for the user to find one that not only is consistent and performs the basic sending of scores, but also provides the options that best mimic the real human aspect of playing games, so as to stay safe while scoresending.

Scoresending Lists Explained

As mentioned early in this article, the bulk of scoresending lists tend to be simply copied and pasted into a program, after being made by someone that (hopefully) knows what they’re doing. This isn’t a bad idea, since usually the beginner user does have some learning to do. It may also be that they have looked over a few of their scores, or that one might want to make their own- just being assured in general means that understanding the process of making a list is helpful to someone looking to consistently scoresend.

Three things usually go into a single score- the game ID number, the desired score, and the time taken to complete it. Generally, since you can send a score worth up to 1000 points three times a day for each game, lists will be a compilation of games three lines over, and the time will be range (sometimes listed as “mod,” short for modification of time). This interval of time helps provide a human sense of randomness to the inputted data, and the three different scores sent for a single game being each different is helpful as well.

Most lists will be fairly long- after all, why not? But be careful not to make them too long, this being one of the main troubles that gets people either warned or frozen for being a little too efficient. One thing to keep in mind when scoresending is that it’s not unusual for a user to earn 200k a day earning neopoints, but that that same user should be doing it with the same score on the same game, in the same order, day in and day out may raise some flags. These are all different things you will find out through trial and error, and most times you’ll find it’s better to be safe than sorry. That being said, it’s most about your own discretion, since one of the useful things about scoresending is that you don’t have to hold yourself to using another person’s list.

When making your own list, first pick out a net range of games that are appropriate for the month- in that they have fairly reasonable ratios of points / neopoints that make it more believable that it is achieved three times consecutively. Games where the amount required to earn 1000 neopoints per score sent is higher or around the points needed for a trophy are not the best choice for scoresending. Once you’ve compiled a list of games and the points needed to get their full value, consult previous lists or your own playing to decide a time range that will be reasonable for the game. It’s important that your time taken’s range of seconds is always above the absolute fastest time to get a given score, since anything under than that will raise suspicion and put you in danger.

A well made list can safely earn your account hundreds of thousands a day- and since these lists take awhile to finely tune and perfect, it’s always advisable to keep an updated list monthly to reflect new points to neopoints ratios, as well as keep track of the viability of the games you’re sending scores to.

Creating a Score Sender List

Building a score list starts with one game at time. Let’s say we want to start small on our scoresending enterprise- just a quick run through of Kass Basher each day, enough to rake in a sweet 3.000 neopoints for the bank. First, we need Kass Basher’s game ID number- that’d be 381. Next, we look at the game’s ratio, which will help us decide just how many point we need to come away with the full 1000 neopoints from the game. For example’s sake, we’ll say the ratio is around 1.24 this month. This means that a player needs just 806 points to earn the full amount. Additionally, a brief play through of the game (or look around on other lists) show that it generally takes around a minute to convincingly triumph in Kass Basher. So, sending a score around there will look like this-

Game: 381 Score: 812 Time: 60 – 100

Note that you could score higher or lower than this, especially in a game tied with randomness like Kass Basher is, and that you can take from as little as 5 seconds to as long as 2 minutes trying to get the wind just right. These are factors you want to reflect in your score for the game. If your score sender has the option, vary the score a bit- even above the required amount, since, for example, a real player should have no problem scoring as much as 1,100 points in a quick hit in this particular game.

In a list, if the score sender doesn’t have options to variate the score, it would then look like this:

Game: 381 Score: 812 Time: 60 – 100

Game: 381 Score: 1064 Time: 60 – 100

Game: 381 Score: 923 Time: 60 – 100

This gives the impression that the user is giving the full time needed to make sure they get the points they are aiming for, and there is human variability in the score itself.

Important things to Avoid

Alright- at this point in the guide, you’re fairly confident about your future as a multi-millionaire, and you’re feeling a little better about making a program doing all of this for you. But there are few pitfalls that easily give away a scoresending user to TNT, and it’s best to try to avoid them if at all possible.

1. Make your score possible

If you send a score that isn’t divisible by 5 to Barf Boat, or something along those lines, you are almost guaranteed to be putting yourself at risk. Know your game, or know what others know about the game, before you send the score.

2. If you’re earning trophies daily scoresending, you’re doing it wrong

This goes along with the above. Not only is it extremely unlikely that you’re good enough to win a Spell or Starve trophy every morning, three times, it’s also bound to make someone report you. Being on the high score tables is not helpful for your account’s security, as there are not only thresholds where TNT starts reviewing scores, but there are also extremely sour users adrift on the site who love picking these things out.

3. Do not get your score reviewed

If your score is high enough to be reviewed, it’s not going to fly for very long- it’s very easy to scoresend, and to do it en masse and under the radar; so do yourself a favor and don’t ask TNT to double check your legitimacy.

4. Be careful

With just a little bit of personal discretion and advice from others, it’s easy to stay safe while scoresending. It’s also very easy to get frozen by being ignorant and not doing so. The options in a score sender are there for a reason- the programmer generally has a very strong grasp of what needs to be done to keep your account safe, and they put them there for you to use.


Scoresending is a great opportunity for every neopets player out there- a consistent daily income that can quickly help you bring your goals to fruition or open up hours in your day. Scoresending just 100k a day for 12 months of the year will net you over 30 million neopoints- a fair amount of cash that a lot of people could very well use. Taking care to follow this guide, scoresending is an open invitation to take advantage of auto playing games for making a considerable income.

Neopets Autobuyer

The Neopets Autobuyer, is a bot, or tool, that has been around for ages. People have used this autobuyer to auto buy items from the main shop! Imagine turning this neopets autobuyer on, than waking up the next morning to dozens of morphing potions in your inventory! Well that’s what an autobuyer does, and it rakes it tons of profit! You will already need Greasemonkey installed (read here), and when you do, you can install the script below:


Autobuyer Features

This specific script will do 5 things all in one script to help you restock in the magic shop. It will:
– autorefresh at the rate you set with a special bellcurve feature (explained below)
– autoalert you via a small javascript pop-up and/or with a sound when an item in your rs list is in stock
– autogo to the haggle page when the item is in stock so you don’t have to click it
– and finally enter a smart autohaggle (3333, 3535, 3355, etc.)

This means that effectively all you have to do to buy the item wait until it restocks then click on the pet on the verification image!

Autobuyer Features Explained

Bellcurve Autorefreshing

The bellcurve refreshing rate will refresh more often in the middle of your intervals than on the minimum and maximum values of your interval. This is done to create the appearance of a more realistic refreshing pattern. This is probably easier explained through an example.

An example of this out of 1000 refreshes with a minimum interval of 0 seconds and a maximum interval of 7 seconds:

0-1 Seconds: 50 times
1-2 Seconds: 100 times
2-3 Seconds: 200 times
3-4 Seconds: 300 times
4-5 Seconds: 200 times
5-6 Seconds: 100 times
6-7 Seconds: 50 times

Normally, with each interval would have roughly the same number of refreshes but as you can see, the bellcurve avoids exactly that. This was done to create the appearance of a more reaslitic refreshing pattern.

Alert System

There are two options available to alert you when it restocks: a small pop-up window and/or a sound.

The purpose of the javascript pop-up is to focus your screen on the restocking tab of your browser you have open if you’re doing something else on your browswer. I personally watch youtube a lot so I can watch youtube vids on one tab but when it restocks, I don’t even need to click on the tab with the shop because this pop-up will automatically do it for me! Note that if you have your browser minimized when it restocks, it will NOT open up your browser (this is what the sound is for).

The sound is just another way to tell you that it has rsed in case your eyes are off the screen or if you’re doing something else not on your browser. For an example, if you like to watch a lot of movies on your computer, then you can watch fullscreen but when it restocks you will hear a sound so you will know when to unminimize your browser and buy.

If you have two monitors, then you can even disable the pop-up and leave just the sound. Have one monitor with your browser open at the shop and the other monitor watching a show or doing something else. Then when it restocks and you hear a sound, you can just move your mouse over and buy the item.

Autogo to haggle page

Whenever an item in your list is in stock, the script will automatically go to the haggle page for you! Pretty simple.


The script will also smart autohaggle for you. It will enter the haggle in well-known restocking patterns like 2121, 2222, 2211, 2221 etc. so it will look like you’re an expert restocker! Although on rare occasions, the number it enters will be too low and the shopkeeper won’t accept it. This has only happened to me a couple of times over quite a while though.

Setup and Editing

To begin, download the two attached scripts and with greasemonkey installed, open it with firefox. It should ask you to install it. If it doesn’t ask you and instead opens firefox with the contents of the script, just refresh the page and it should ask you to install. Once installed, just go to the magic shop the scipt will do its thing.

Changing Time Intervals

To change the time intervals, open the script with notepad or wordpad and on the top of the script change 3.54 and 6.36 as seen here:

var randNumMin = 3.54; // Set the minimum value that can be generated for randNum
var randNumMax = 6.36; // Set the maximum value that can be generated for randNum

Of course, 3.54 is the minimum time and 6.36 is the maximum time for refreshing.

Note: due to the bellcurve feature, the times in the script may not correspond exactly to the refresh rate. I.E. in the above example, it may actually take ~5 to ~8 seconds to refresh even though you entered 3.54 and 6.36. Play around with it first to see what works for you.

Changing, adding or removing items

If you want to change an entry, take a look at this example:

else if (document.body.innerHTML.indexOf(‘Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion’) != -1) {
var item = document.evaluate(‘//b[. = “Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion”]’,document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null);

All you need to do is change Starry Grarrl Morphing Potion both times (don’t forget that for every entry to have it change it twice or it won’t work!) to the item you want.

To add an item, all you have to do is copy and paste an existing entry and change the name of the item you to the one you want to add.

To remove an item, just delete the whole entry (don’t forget to delete semicolons too).

IMPORTANT: Obviously, do not remove or change the entry that says ‘<DO NOT REMOVE’ otherwise the script won’t work properly! And no, the < is not a typo, it’s meant to be there.

Customising your script

Say you don’t like the pop-up, no problem! All you have to do is use the replace feature and do replace all on miscellaneous(); with nothing so only a blank space remains in every entry. The shortkey for the replace feature is Ctrl + H on notepad.

Or maybe you don’t want the sound for whatever reason. For this, do the same thing as the last paragraph except replace all instances of alarm();instead.

And if for whatever reason you don’t want it to automatically click on the items for you, just replace all instances of autograb();

Autobuyer Shops

Huge profits but only if you have the patience to sell the potions. Make sure you have a couple of million beforehand so you don’t spend all your money on potions that you haven’t sold yet! But magic is very competitive so don’t expect to get every potion you see.

In this list, I’ve included only unbuyable items and I think the script is probably missing some but it’s a decent list. Pinatas are about 100k each and can be seen by accounts 1 month old. Some of the items are worth millions while some are not.

Great for accounts about 16+ days old because they can see all the items. Very good profit for young accounts. Fairly competitive though items often restock in packs of 20 so you can usually get at least 2 of them. Cactopus cream and Sporkle Syrup can also sell for 100k and 200k respectively.

Ice Crystal
This shop is only for those with a lot of patience. Very rarely will a decent profitable item ever restock so you can expect to go weeks without even buying a single item from there. There are a few items with small profit there (less than 10k) but I’ve excluded them. That way when you hear the alarm, you KNOW something quite valuable has rsed. The big item you’re going after here is the Freezing Potion worth about 7.5m. There are also a few other unbuyables in the list.

Autobuyer Miscellaneous Information

If there is more than 1 item in stock that is in your list, the script will take priority in order of the items listed from top to bottom. So that means you should put the most profitable items at the top and the least ones on the bottom.
If you do not know what greasemonkey is, I suggest you read another guide on that and there are plenty around, even some on these forums.

Due to the large number of profitable items in magic and thus a very long script, the script *may* freeze your browser for a second whenever it refreshs if your computer is not very fast. For faster computers though, you shouldn’t notice anything.

As with any other hack, trick, glitch, exploit, bug, etc., use this in moderation. Even if you’re on the computer all day, do not leave this on for hours at a time. Take breaks every hour or two and of course, do not buy items too quickly once you get to the haggle page. You may want to wait a second or two before clicking the pet verification picture so it won’t look like you have a buy time of 0.6 seconds because you will get frozen if you do that.

Now with all this setup, you can rs as long as you’re on your computer but without even playing Neopets or even having your eyes on the monitor. Good luck!

Neopets Auto-Adopter

Tired of loosing pets because others are adopting the pets faster than you? Want a script that will automatically search through the neopian pounds, and find pets that you specify? Whether you want Draiks or Krawks, or Robot or Water neopets, this script will do it all! Specify your settings, and let the script run!


Neopets Dailies Auto-Doer

We all know doing the same dailies over and over again, can be quite boring, but with this auto-doer, no fear! This auto-doer will do all the normal dailies on Neopets automatically with the click of a button.