Neopets Alien Aisha Vending Machine Guide

The Alien Aisha Vending Machine is a fun gambling game, located either at its home in the Neopian Plaza, or found under the Luck and Chance section of the Games Room. Like many games, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine gives you the opportunity to earn Neopoints, an avatar, trophies, and items for your account! However, unlike most games in the Games Room, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine requires an sort of entrance fee for each activation. In order to test your luck at the Vending Machine, you will need to come prepared with one of the twenty kinds of Nerkmids that can be found across Neopia.


Nerkmids are small, star-shaped tokens made of various materials. There are twenty different types of Nerkmids, of varying rarity. These tokens can be found in a few places within Neopia: they can be found through random events, earned as prizes from Battledome combat, or won from the Wheel of Extravagance.

Photo courtesy of SunnyNeo

In addition to obtaining Nerkmids by your own luck of the draw, they can be purchased and bartered for through user-owned Shops and the Trading Post, and bid on in Auctions. Prices can fluctuate depending on how many Nerkmids are entering the market, but expect to spend anywhere from 55,000 to 65,000 Neopoints per Nerkmid.

There is a wide range of rarities across the twenty different types of Nerkmids. Although the Alien Aisha Vending Machine states that higher rarities of Nerkmid will produce better prizes, there is no data to corroborate this. It seems that any Nerkmid of any rarity will produce similar results. As such, use the cheapest Nerkmids you can find in order to play!

For your convenience, what follows is a chart of the twenty existing Nerkmids, in order of rarity:

Average Nerkmid (r100) Good Nerkmid (r100)
Lesser Nerkmid (r100) Super Nerkmid (r100)
Ultimate Nerkmid (r100) Ultra Nerkmid (r100)
Aluminium Nerkmid (r101) Basic Golden Nerkmid (Rr101)
Copper Nerkmid (r101) Magical Golden Nerkmid (r101)
Normal Golden Nerkmid (r101) Ultra Golden Nerkmid (r101)
Golden Nerkmid X (r103) Golden Nerkmid XX (r104)
Basic Platinum Nerkmid (r105) Normal Platinum Nerkmid (r105)
Ultra Platinum Nerkmid (r105) Platinum Nerkmid X (r105)
Platinum Nerkmid XX (r105) Magical Platinum Nerkmid (r115)


The Alien Aisha Vending Machine takes one Nerkmid per activation. Once you’ve obtained a Nerkmid, simply visit the machine and click the ‘Press me to Continue!’ button. If for some reason you are out of Nerkmids when you click this button, you will receive an error message prompting you to get more. Otherwise, you will see a visual display of the Nerkmids you have on hand, and a series of drop-down menus below that:

Select the Nerkmid you wish to use from the menu, and then try your hand at some lucky guessing! Each of the remaining drop-down menus gives you several ways to influence how the vending machine will operate after you insert your Nerkmid. The choices you make here appear to have no direct bearing on the prize you will get, but the options are as follows:

Which large button do you press? 1, 2, or 3
Which small button do you press? left green, left red, left pink, right red, right blue, or right purple
How many times do you press it? 1, 2, 3, or 4
How many levers do you pull? 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6

Make your selections, then hit go!


Each activation of the Alien Aisha Vending Machine will award you with a token amount of Neopoints (ranging from 1 to 50,000+), and one random item. The item prizes are roughly divided into four groups:


The most common prize you will receive is a random ‘gross’ food item. These are essentially booby-prizes, but every once and a while you will instead receive a ‘gourmet’ food (easily identified by their R89+ rarity) that is worth significantly more.


A remnant of the old Battledome abilities system, these Fading Bottled Faeries can be used at the Cooking Pot to upgrade them into the newer Weak Bottled Faeries for buying abilities at Aethia’s Shop.


Essentially a free spin, sometimes you will get a Nerkmid as a reward!


The real reason we all play Alien Aisha Vending Machine! The machine has the ability to dispense any paintbrush in the game as a rare prize, including starter paintbrushes.


As a game, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine has a high-score table. Points are awarded based on the value of the highest amount of Neopoints you earn in a given activation of the machine for that month. For example, if you play the Vending Machine three times and receive 4,873, 15,278, and 23,459 NP as your rewards, 23,4599 will be your entry on the high-score tables until you get an even bigger payout. Trophies are awarded in Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories depending on your placement in the top-scoring tables. Best of luck!


This avatar is awarded when you use a Nerkmid in the Alien Aisha Vending Machine for the first time.


  • Although the Battledome awards Aluminium Nerkmids and Super Nerkmids as prizes in the Central Arena and Neocola Centre, respectively, they do so at a very low chance. The majority of Battledome Nerkmids are awarded as prizes for victories in the Cosmic Dome, which is available only to Premium-account holders. Happy Hunting!

Author: Sarah

Neopets Lutari Talisman Guide

Sometime after the launch of Neopets Mobile and the ability to visit Lutari Island, Neopets released a Site Feature Trophy called the Lutari Talisman. Users could then collect beads to add to their talismans, supposedly granting some special perks throughout the site. With the decline of Neopets Mobile, the inaccessibility to Lutari Island, and the rarity of the beads, contributing to individual talismans has steeply declined in popularity.


The Lutari Talisman is likely very loosely based on a dreamcatcher, based in some traditional Native American cultures. Like certain dreamcatchers, they are decorated with beads.

Every account created or active today receives a talisman. You can locate your talisman by going to your userlookup and looking under Site Feature Trophies. It looks like this before you click on it:

Clicking on it will lead you to your specific talisman, which will display any beads you have collected and added to it. A completed talisman looks like the icon above, with all of the beads on it (five of each color). Most users have an empty talisman, which looks like this:


There are twenty individual beads — five of each color — that can be added to a talisman.
NOTE: You cannot add two of the same bead to a talisman.

Red Matu Bead

Red Oranu Bead

Red Ranaka Bead

Red Tongi Bead

Red Urapa Bead

Yellow Matu Bead

Yellow Oranu Bead

Yellow Ranaka Bead

Yellow Tongi Bead

Yellow Urapa Bead

Green Matu Bead

Green Oranu Bead

Green Ranaka Bead

Green Tongi Bead

Green Urapa Bead

Blue Matu Bead

Blue Oranu Bead

Blue Ranaka Bead

Blue Tongi Bead

Blue Urapa Bead

Originally, beads were awarded when mobile players referred new players, and then both parties were awarded beads. As well, beads could be given out as Random Events (specifically all of the Matu, Oranu, Ranaka and Urapa Beads in every color), though this was discontinued. The only way to currently obtain beads is by purchasing them from other users via the Trading Post. Due to the essentially retired status of the beads — as in, there are no more being added to Neopia at any time — they are extremely rare, selling for upwards of 50 million NP each.

NOTE: Tongi beads were only available through referrals and REs, and were no-trade items; now that both Mobile and bead REs have been discontinued, it is impossible to obtain these beads.

Adding the beads to your talisman

To add a bead to your talisman, simply have the bead in your inventory and select “Add to Talisman” from the drop-down menu. Please note that like stamps, once you add a bead to your talisman, it can never be removed.


It is said that adding beads to your talisman can grant special perks throughout the site, though very few of these are confirmed by either users or TNT. With many beads completely impossible to obtain, there is very little collected data on the beads since the end of Neopets Mobile.

TNT’s official description for the beads claims that red beads bring strength, green bring luck, blue bring diplomacy, and yellow bring speed.

Here’s what we do know based on the experiences of users that have submitted their info to fan sites:

  • Red beads grant shop discounts at any Neopian shop, such as Foods or Kauvara’s Magic. With all red beads, you can get up to a 10% discount on a haggle. Evidence suggests that the less beads you have, the less of a discount you will receive.
  • Green beads grant flash game bonusesWhen you receive the bonuses is random, but the amount you receive is based on how many beads you have: 10% for one bead, 25% for two beads, 50% for three beads, 75% for four beads, and 100% for all five beads.
Photo courtesy of JellyNeo
  • The effects of blue beads and yellow beads are unknown. Here are some of the current theories:
    • increases the amount of training “super bonuses” you receive
    • increases the amount of random faerie quests you receive
    • increases strength of other bead perks
    • increase the amount of Random Events you receive
    • increases the chance of winning the “random” avatars


  • While the Lutari Talisman icon appear on each user’s lookup, clicking it will redirect you back to your own talisman. You can only see which beads you own.
  • Based on the images above, you can tell that the beads appear on your talisman just as they do in your inventory. There is one glitch in relationship to this: if you add a Red Tongi Bead to your talisman, it will appear like a Red Matu Bead, and the same is true the other way around. No worries, they’ll both count for the right bead and you’ll still receive the perks since perks are awarded based on how many beads you have instead of which beads you have.

Author: Sarah

Neopets Premium Membership Guide

A Premium membership is Neopets’ version of an upgraded account. You receive exclusive perks that can make the game a lot easier to play — but they are by no means necessary, and do not give users an upper hand in gameplay. Still, there are a lot of fun shortcuts and items for Premium users that make it worth it to some!

The Space Faerie is Premium’s mascot.


Signing up for Premium is extremely simply. Simply go to the top of your navigation bar and select “Become a Member” from the Premium tab:

⊳Payment Options

There are three payment options available to users:

NOTE: All prices are listed in US dollars. If you do not have a US credit card, you can pay Neopets through a Paypal option. We highly recommend making all payments on Neopets via Paypal.

  • 12 months/1 year of Premium for $69.95 ━ Please note that this is advertised as $5.83 per month, but you must pay for the whole year up front. This means you will make one payment of $69.95 at the time of purchase. This is automatically renewed every year unless you go into your options and specify otherwise.
  • 4 months of Premium for $24.95 ━ Please note that this is advertised as $6.25 per month, but you must pay for all four months up front. This means you will make one payment of $24.95 at the time of purchase. This is automatically renewed every four months unless you go into your options and specify otherwise.
  • 1 month of Premium for $7.95 ━ This is the monthly Premium plan, meaning you will be billed once a month for $7.95 and can cancel anytime. This is automatically renewed every month unless you go into your options and specify otherwise.

After you select an option, you will be asked to enter your password (for security purposes) before being re-directed to the payment options.

⊳Paying for Neopets Premium

You can pay for a Premium membership one of two ways:

  • Credit or debit card payment ━ You will be asked to enter your credit and debit card information and personal information as if you were making any other online purchase. You will be asked if you would like to save your card information before checking out. We highly recommend never asking Neopets to save your information for a “faster checkout” next time.
  • Paypal ━ While this guide is not an advertisement for Paypal, this is a much more secure payment system than Neopets so we do recommend it. Accounts are free, and you can process your credit or debit card information through it, meaning you do not need to take out a line of credit with Paypal to use its services.

You may notice this when you are checking out:

You do have the right to be concerned over the fact that the URL is not considered secure. Neopets does have security, but it is currently more vulnerable than most modern secure payment systems. This is simply yet another reason why we recommend the Paypal payment option.

⊳ Manage your new account and Canceling Neopets Premium

To check the status of your account, payment plan, and to change your auto renewal options, visit Manage Your Membership under the same Premium tab in the nav bar. Here, you can choose to cancel your Premium membership, which will take effect at the end of your current pay period. This means if you create a Premium account on June 1st and pay $7.95, and then cancel your Premium account on June 2nd, you will still have Premium all throughout June because you paid for one month of Premium.

*** WARNINGS ***

The first thing any Neopets players knows is that is not a perfect place. In fact, it’s buggy, it’s laggy, and JumpStart, the company that now owns the website, is not a fan favorite. As Neopets is a very old site with… how do you say… less-than-stellar technologies, there have been many serious issues with payment options. We are in no way attempting to sway you one way or the other about whether Premium is worth it — you can read the next section and decide that for yourself! That being said, it is very important that the common issues with Premium are clear to you before you put your account and personal information on the line.

⊳ Common Premium payment issues

  • Multiple billings for a payment period (i.e. being charged $7.95 two times for a single month)
  • Billings continuing even after cancellation
  • Sudden and unplanned cancellations
    • Remember, if you are taking advantage of the fifth pet slot and your membership is cancelled, you will be asked to either renew your Premium membership or transfer/pound one of your pets on the spot ━ this cannot be delayed and you will have to choose one or the other in order to play on your account.
  • Premium perks and toolbar taking up to two weeks to appear, even after a payment has clear
  • Responses to issues regarding Premium and payments taking upwards of 6 months to a year

⊳ Sending in a ticket about a Premium issue

If you have any sort of issue with your Premium membership — including payment issues — you should send in a ticket as soon as possible with every detail of important information that you can remember. Simply go to the Help section (at the nav bar at the bottom of any Neopets page) and select Submit a Ticket.

While there was once the guarantee of faster ticket response for Premium (“paying”) members, there is no indication that, currently, TNT responds to one ticket subject faster than any other ticket subjects.

  • The only instance in which ticket responses are notably faster are after users have filed claims with Paypal. This means that a user was billed too many times or billed after canceling their Premium membership, and Paypal gets into contact with Neopets for having essentially “stolen” money from someone. Of course, Neopets wants to avoid any sort of legal trouble, so they tend to respond to these issues much more quickly!
  • Other methods for having a ticket responded to more quickly is to post on the Neopets Facebook page, and make sure to always leave your ticket number in your comment. Briefly explaining your issue and how long you’ve waited can illicit a response from TNT. You can also email them at; make sure not to spam their email or they are less likely to respond to you!


Now that we’ve covered all of the super risky, annoying, and downright unacceptable issues that could arise (they don’t for everyone!), let’s talk about what you actually get for all of that trouble and money — and surprisingly, it’s a lot!

⊳ Premium Toolbar

The first thing you’ll notice with your new Premium account is what is called the Premium toolbar, found at the bottom of your screen:

Here, you’ll have convenient access to many things on the site that you’d usually need the top navigation bar or Explore tab to find. For example, you have immediate access to Super Shop Wizard, a tab with your dailies, and bank and shop till balances.

The yellow rectangle is for Cheeseroller… without a reminder, I’ll never get that avatar!! *shakes fist*

Your Dailies tab is customizable, so you can decide which dailies appear and in what order. You can even pick up to six dailies that are not offered by this tab’s options, like what I did with Cheeseroller in the image above.

Hmm… my stock aren’t doing too well…

Your Bankroll tab is very useful for keeping an eye on your finances, and does you a favor by adding the amount of NP you have between your bank, shop till, and on-hand. You can also manage your stock portfolio with just a glance!

The other icons in your toolbar link to the Premium game of the day, Create-A-Pet Page, Space Faerie scratchcards, Premium collectible cards, the Premium NeoBoards, and the Premium FAQ/help page.

⊳ Super Shop Wizard

One of the most-used — if not the most-used — perks of Premium is Super Shop Wizard, very often referred to by its acronym SSW. Unlike Regular Shop Wizard, which only searches a certain number of shops in Neopia at once, you can get the cheapest prices for any searchable item on the entire site via SSW.

No one wants to pay more for those dastardly Eo Codestones than they have to…

Most buyable (under 100k) items in the game are dictated by SSW. This means that if an Eo Codestone, for example, is listed as roughly 15,500 NP on SSW, it is unlikely an Eo Codestone priced at 20,000+ will sell any time soon.

⊳ Premium Neoboards

There are special NeoBoards accessible only to Premium members. You can access these boards by going directly to them (via your toolbar) or going to Neoboards in the general navigation bar (under Community) and then clicking “Premium Boards!” The image below shows this link’s location:

The Main Hall is the general board accessible to all Premium members, whereas the Charter board is for Premium members of 4mo+. The Premium boards are all-around much slower than the active, all-player Neoboards, such as the Pound Chat, NC Mall Chat, Avatars/NeoSignatures Chat, and Newbie Chat.

⊳ Fifth Pet Slot

In a very rewarding turn of events in 2012, TNT began allowing the site’s Premium members to adopt and transfer up to five pets on one account instead of four.

As mentioned before, the fifth slot only exists as long as you have a Premium membership. If you cancel your membership or your membership is not automatically renewed, you will be given three options upon logging into the site:

  • Renew your Premium membership and retain your fifth pet slot
  • Transfer one of your five pets to a side account
  • Pound one of your five pets
    • If you chose this option and pound one of your pets, it will not go straight to the pound. Instead, the pet will remain in a “limbo” — off of your account but not in the pound — for 90 days. No one will be able to re-adopt it but you during those 90 days. If you do not re-adopt the pet, it will be up for grabs in the pound.

⊳ Space Faerie Scratchcards

Every Friday, Premium users are gifted special scratchcards that can be accessed via the toolbar (the Space Faerie icon). Because they can only be accessed via this link and not through your inventory, they cannot be sold or traded.

The prizes include Neopoints — generally between 1,000 and 5,000 NP — and a Space Faerie item.

If you do not use your scratchcard before the next Friday rolls around, have no fear! You can simply stack your scratchcards as long as you like. As you can see in the picture above, I have five unused cards. Many people hoard their cards to use with the Full Pockets Premium Boon, available to Premium members after winning a round of Battleground of the Obelisk. This boon increases the likelihood of a good prize from the Premium scratchcards.

Full Pockets

⊳ Extra Random Events

With Premium, you may notice that you’re getting Random Events (REs) all the time. It turns out that the Space Faerie is very generous! These random events are always good news: you either find some NP (usually between 1,000 and 3,000 NP) or an item “falls” from space (up to r75). Thanks, Space Faerie!

⊳ Premium Featured Game

Everyday on the site, there is a featured game in which users can win x2 the amount of NP as usual! (You can see which game this is everyday by going to the Games Room via your navigation bar and then clicking “Featured Game.”) Premium users are given a second featured game everyday! This can be accessed via the Featured Game tab of the Premium toolbar.

My favorite!

⊳ Birthday Training

Generally, a pet receives free training at the Swashbuckling Academy when it is their specific pet-themed day (you can see a calendar here). For Premium members, pets also receive free training at the Academy on their individual birthdays! To check your pet’s birthday, simply go to it’s lookup and it can be located under their age.

⊳ NC Monthly Collectibles

One of the most coveted perks that make Premium “worth it” for many users is the addition of a monthly NC collectible item awarded on or around the 15th to all Premium members. These items are only released this one time and never again, so many are well sought-after and become worth more over time. Users receive a neomail and the item is immediately placed in their inventories on the day the collectible is released.

To get a taste of what sorts of items are given out, here are some past collectibles that are quite popular:

February 2013 October 2013 January 2014 December 2014 May 2015 August 2015

Premium Collectible: Opalescent Wig

Premium Collectible: Spiky Black Lace Cape

Premium Collectible: Heart Contacts

Premium Collectible: Holiday Boat Ride Background

Premium Collectible: Stone Bridge Foreground

Premium Collectible: Blue Moon Field Background

It is relatively common practice for users to buy Premium for one month (and immediately cancel it) if they particularly like a Premium Collectible item or know it will eventually be worth more than ~$8 in NC trading.

If you purchase Premium after the Premium Collectible for the month has been released but before a new month has rolled over (the 16th-30th/31st of the month), you will be given the NC item upon paying for a membership.

⊳ Battledome: The Cosmic Done

Activating a Premium account will unlock a special dome in the BD called the Cosmic Dome. Its two opponents are Giant Space Fungus and Jetsam Ace, the latter of whom is famous for giving away Nerkmids. These two opponents simply appear under your “FIGHT” tab in the Battledome once Premium is active.

⊳ Premium Site Theme, Space Faerie Charm, and Avatar

Upon registering, you’re immediately awarded with a special site theme, avatar, and “charm” that appears on your lookup like a trophy! Read more below.


This avatar is automatically awarded when you sign up for a Premium membership.

Before 2012, users had to refer a certain amount of people to Premium. Now, referrals are not needed to obtain a Premium membership therefore the requirements for the avatar were changed.

NOTE: If, for any reason, you cancel your Premium membership or it is not renewed, you will lose this avatar. Remember that is does not count towards your total avatars – whether you have it or not – but it will not be available to use on the Neoboards. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


  • Never feel pressured to have Premium!!! Having a Premium account does not mean you cannot play the game as well as other people, and it does not make you more or less impressive to anyone. If you genuinely enjoy the perks of Premium and it is something you can realistically afford or feel comfortable paying for, then by all means, Premium away! Never feel as though you need to justify your reason for or for not having a Premium membership. If you witness peer pressure or shaming, report this as harassment.

  • If you had to cancel your Premium account and lost access to perks such as your pre-set Dailies Tab and Premium NeoDeck, these things will reappear once Premium is renewed — even if this is at a much later date.
  • The FAQ for Premium users is not currently available. The Premium Help NeoBoard is available, as well as the general ticket submission.
  • Premium used to be quite different.

Author: Sarah

Neopets Charity Corner Cheats

Neopets’s Charity Corner and Granny Hopbobbin are back this year, with a new School Tools Charity Drive. Dig through your Safety Deposit Boxes to find old school supplies, books and clothings you no longer need, and are willing to donate to young Neopians this year. Your generosity will be rewarded with various trophies, prizes (many r99 items last year), and much more! You don’t want to miss out on this year’s Charity Event, as I can tell you those that did last year were not pleased.

Neopets Charity Corner

The Neopets Charity Corner 2016 link can be found below:

Neopoint Drive

This year, you have to donate an assortment of school-related items to the younger Neopians in need. You must donate five items, to recieve a prize in exchange. The five items you donate must:

  • Restock in the School Supplies, Clothing, Neovian Attire, Book, Faerie Books, Brightvale Books, Desert Scrolls, Booktastic Books, Neovian Press, or Qasalan Tablets shops.
  • Have a item rarity from r1-99

There are three different ranges of rarities to donate from, and these include:

  • r1-r69
  • r70-r79
  • r80-r89
  • r90-r99

You must submit five items within the same range, to receive a prize within that range, else the lowest range you used, will be the rarity of your prize.

So if you wanted a r99 item, you must donate five items within the r90-r99 range.

Charity Corner 2015

Charity Corner Prizes

For every five items you donate, you will receive one reward within the same rarity range. The item rewards will fall into these categories:

  • Food
  • Baked Goods
  • Candy
  • Clothing
  • Mystical Surroundings
  • Stamps
  • Toys
  • Plushies
  • Grooming

Charity Corner r99 Items

The main focus of the Charity Corner last year, was obtaining r99 items. Some r99s items, such as the r99 stamps like Battle Slices Stamp, Snowbunny Stamp, Sticky Snowflake Stamp, etc. are worth multi-millions! The objective is to act fast, and hoard many of the cheaper r90-r99 items. If you wait, the prices of these items will skyrocket as others will be hoarding them as well. Good luck!

Charity Corner Avatar

This year’s CC, seems to have a Charity Corner Avatar associated to it. The method of obtained this avatar is unknown as of now, but I assume it will be a prize in the end for the top 2000 donators.

Battleground of the Obelisk & Skirmish Battles Guide

After the War of the Obelisk Plot (Y15), the Battlegrounds opened up once again for continuous warring called skirmish battles. Fighting for control of the Obelisk and its boons (prizes and special abilities), the six factions from the plot battle every two weeks and need your help! A timer that keeps track of the current affairs of the Obelisk can always be accessed at the Battlegrounds.


Every other Monday, three of the six factions will be up for skirmish battles: The Awakened, Brute Squad, Order of the Red Erisim, Thieves Guild, Seekers, and/or The Sway. (The previous week’s winner will be excluded from participating.) Users have 3 days to pledge allegiance to a faction for which they will fight, and then an additional 4 days to battle the enemies of the opposing factions.

It is generally agreed upon that the team that wins the most battles overall will win for the week. Most weeks, conversations between users in the Games Chat, Battledome Chat, and Guilds Chat (specifically Battledome- and Obelisk-related guilds) come to a consensus as to which faction they will all choose for the week to nearly ensure that a chosen faction will win. While it can never be guaranteed, it is highly recommended visiting these Neoboards during the sign-up period if you are missing Obelisk avatars and still need to collect them; otherwise, users with the avatars tend to choose the faction of which they like the boons.

This avatar — and five others — could be yours! Choose wisely!


Again, users have the rest of the week post-sign up to participate. Users must win at least 10 battles in order to be eligible for the winning prizes at the end of the week. This means that even if your faction wins, you will receive no access to the boons if you did not individually win 10 battles or more.

There are ten opponents from the warring factions that are presented at a range of difficulties, the lowest being 8-12 HP and the highest being 225-450 HP. The difficulty does not factor into the winning number of battles needed to qualify to for the prizes, meaning users can win 10+ battles against any opposing faction enemy. The easiest opponents are so weak that even a newborn Neopet with a single weapon can win against them, so everyone can participate even without owning a BD pet. For very specific details on each potential faction enemy, you can visit JellyNeo’s In-Depth Battlepedia.

The more battles that are won within a faction, the better the likelihood that faction will win in the end. While teamwork is very important, individually lodging as many battles as possible is the most basic strategy users can use to help their respective factions.


At the end of the week, a winning faction is announced. The participants in the winning faction are given the Oracle’s Blessing, the ability to choose a boon, and an avatar and site theme if they do not already have them for that specific faction. To get the avatar and site theme, just go to the Battlegrounds homepage once the battling period has ended. After the skirmish battles end, winners can choose a boon that will last for one week until sign-ups begin for the next war. Boons offer a special ability that can be used throughout the site, ranging from increased bank interest to extra spins on the various wheels. Each faction has boons specific to them, so if you have already won all of the avatars and site themes, choosing a faction that has a boon you particularly like is encouraged. There are also two Premium boons for Premium users that can be chosen alongside a faction’s boon. To learn about the many boons, you can visit the Daily Neopets Boons guide.