Neopets Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand

Neopets Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand is a nice game where you will be given a mission to protect the castle of Brightvale so that enemies will not be able to take it. The treasure, which are the cookies, will have to be protected from King Skarl, the rivalry of King Hagan, who is a treat to Brightvale itself. Neopets Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand will give you the opportunity to build up your structures to defend in the best way possible the castle of Brightvale, to be known as a hero, thus earning points.


During the game play, safeguard the cookies that are the main and principal treasure of Brightvale by placing obstacles in the way, preventing your enemies to penetrate “private section” that contains all the cookies.  At the beginning, you’ll be given a small defense which will consist of a small castle down right, in the corner of the screen. From there, you have time to build in towers (and walls) to be successfully able to defend them and prevent getting additional damage.

Your rivalry, King Skarl, will send in toys that will come from the upper left corner, which are made from his chest. If they’re still in his chest, the toys will not be attacked. You have to wait them to come out. Once that happens, if you have a shooting tower near him, you’ll attack them the way you want, depending on your build and strategy. The toys will not have a unique size. Instead, they can be sized by any sort and they can have any form. Some of the toys are fast while some other are slow enough. However, not because some toys are slow that they are necessarily “easy” to destroy. Remember that the faster toys might cause you some trouble, but the slower ones will need more damage on them to be successfully destroyed. The more you play, the hardest to destroy the toys will get.

During the game, there will be a total of 20 waves that you will have to go through if you would like to successfully finish the game. The more you stay “alive” on the game, the more points you get which is good if you’re planning on getting a super high score or a trophy. The higher the number of your current wave is, the higher the amount of toys being sent to you will be. So you need a better defence, and it is logical simply because you’ll afford more structures then, leading you to a better game play. Also, you should note that the waves you play on are released steadily, which means that King Skarl will send toys to you even if the current wave is not done yet. If a toy is successfully able to tear through your castle, and more precisely, the walls, the this toy (enemy) will be picking a cookie and bring it back to the chest of King Skarl. Note that one toy will only take a cookie at once, no more. If you can’t destroy the toy that is currently holding the cookie while you can, that same cookie will drop on the ground and will remain there until another toy comes to pick it up. The cookie, however, will not be returned to your “safe spot”, which means that things will get harder to you simply because your enemy toys will have their task easier while the dropped cookie is the nearest to them. Once a cookie is grabbed and brought back to the chest of King Skarl, you will not get it back and when all of them are taken, the game will come to its end. Note that for people who are going after a high score or a trophy will have to keep all of their cookies, because they will get additional points if zero of them have been taken.

Toys will come at you. Whenever you’ll destroy a toy of King Skarl, which is your enemy, you’ll get something to build with, which can help you setup a better defense, thus leading you to stay longer in the game. Alternatively, you can choose to spend these earned builds to upgrade your tower and defense. There is also a cancel buttion which can be used to remove the build you’ve just selected, in case you change your mouse. A fundamental key, on your keyboard, is the space bar which is necessary to pause the game, in case you have to go to the bathroom, eat, take a shower, etc.


Many modes are offered to you to suit your needs. The first one is the practice mode, which will grant you a total of 100 parts when you start playing, which is a lot. For this reason, you will not get any points, because it is for practice only. The only time you will want to go through this mode is if you want to try setting up your own strategy.

The second mode is the “Easy Mode”, which will give you a 30 parts start and where the toys difficulty will be easy to come by. You, however, will not be awarded with many points when you finish up the 20 waves, simply because that level is so easy that many people will do, once again, easily.

The third mode is called “Normal Mode”. This is where you start with 24 parts, along with 6 cookies and from there, the toys will get harder to stop and to destroy. This is recommended if you’re a decent player or if it is the first time you’re playing. You do not want to start on the next difficulty, that will be mentioned shortly after, for the unique reason that you’ll be discouraged fast. Play on normal mode first, then switch to other modes.

Hard Mode is the fourth difficulty, and it is the most difficult. You start the game with only 18 parts and only have a total of 5 cookies to defend. You’ll be awarded with two times more points than the difficulty before, though. The waves will run quickly and you will barely have time to setup your strategy. Even at the beginning of the round, you will have a hard to to quickly start something up, because the time is counted on you. Skarl will send toys really fast on you, and since they are harder to destroy, the later waves will be uncompleted and King Skarl will send more toys after your treasure.


The towers will only come in one form, but from there you will upgrade it to make it the way you want, thus leading to the best defense set of your strategy. If you want to upgrade a tower, simply click on it one time (considering you’ve already built it) and you’ll be given the option, with a picture, to upgrade it. You also will  deconstruct towers if you decide to click on the rubble button that is located after the upgrade one. If you want to increase the range of the tower, you will have to click on the tower image that contain a white circle, and it will cost you one part for each range upgrade. A total of 2 range upgrades can be done to each towers. Te range upgrades are good for the towers that are directly “receiving” King Skarl’s toys, because they deal more damage to them. Again, it depends on your strategy. Below is a guide that will describe the upgrades that are available from the towers, along with how much they cost and their particular name.

Tower is the first “thing” that you see and it will not do anything besides proving a sligh barrier for your toys. It is indestructible though.

The Ball Launcher is the second tower that will be open to you to chose from, that will attack one of your enemy toys at a time and will do so with a snowball that is relatively weak. Whenever it is upgraded, it will do some good damage to the toys.

The Sling Shot is the third option that is offered to you, and this one will attack the first toy that comes near it, rapidly.

After that comes the Potion Slinger which is a small range tower that will fire some poisonous potions at your enemy toys to do damage to them. However, that damage is low and useless if there are already other towers that are shooting at the toys.

Then comes the Crossbow which does a high amount of damage, along with a high range of shooting, which makes it a really good choice for you to choose when you setup your own strategy.

The Cannon will do less damage to the toys, but it will fire cannons that will make splash damages, meaning they will hit many toys at once.

The Gravel Cannon is what comes next, and this one will give you a power boost and it will let you spread out. This is perfect for you and a build that is recommended.

After that, there is the Rocket Launcher that will look good because of the sound it will make, but it is not compared to the other ones. It will fire slowly and do high damage, however, there is chance that it will not hit the toys. The Rocket Launcher is only necessary if you’re really bored and would like to start a luck game where you may win, and may not.

The Bag Thrower is, you guessed it, a tower that will throw bags and it will slow the movement of the toys, giving you more time to build, or more time to let your other structures shoot at your enemy toys.

The Sludge Thrower will throw sludge, and is the upgrade that can be done to the bag thrower. It will improve the range of the tower and it will slow the toys for a bigger amount of time.

Then comes the Net Thrower. This one will strike once at a time.

The Windmill push your enemy toys back, giving you more time to hit them with your other towers. It does also have a rapid firing ability.

The Oil Thrower will throw oil at your enemy toys that will immobilize the toy it hits for few seconds. Only the toys that will walk on the flask of oil (on the ground) will get affected, meaning that it may not necessarily lead to what you want. It is a good choice if you know that your enemy toys will be coming for x path, though.

The Paint Thrower will throw paints at your enemy toys to successfully blind them and it will also deal damage to them for few seconds.

Finally, the Water Thrower will throw water on the toys and they will see their durability and speed diminishing.

Neopets Biscuit Brigade: Hagan’s Last Stand Strategy & Cheats

This game is really based on strategy, meaning that you are free to setup the build you want. However, some combinations will surely be better than others. What you want to aim is to actually being effective, and, at the same time, wasting the less possible cookies and tokens. You want to go offensive, meaning that you want to place builds near the cookies and wait the toys. The reason behind that is that there is no time bonus, which means that there is no point in going the other way.

You can build towers and stuff just after your cookies to prevent the toys from coming at you. When this is done, you can start making upgrades, etc to avoid the loss of the cookies. Good luck.

Neopets Spell-or-Starve

Neopets Spell-or-Starve is a game where the 2nd version of Neopets gets kidnapped and you have to find it back. Neopets Spell-or-Starve will give you the opportunity to earn points by using the blocks that are touching more blocks, which can be quite confusing.


Basically, you have to use the blocks that are presented to you on the game so that you can select those who touch other ones. Note that the longer the word is, the better because then you receive more points. Once you have enough points, you then proceed to the next level. There will be many tiles that will be found in the game.

The first one is the tile that has black and yellow lines in the horizontal direction on a square. This one is not selectable, and therefore can not be used. Another one is the yellow square that has an R on it, which is the active tile that you select and it, and what will be selected is a word that is currently non-existent in the database. Another tile is the blue square with the D in the middle of it, which is a kind of a changing tile. This one will have the letter on it change through different intervals. The tile of the white color that has an E on it will double the points for any kind of word, when it is successfully used. The green tile with an L on it is the selected tile. This one will have a word that is existent and available in the current database of the system. Lastly, there is the wildcard tile that will be used for any letter. This one will have a green monster on it.

Neopets Spell-or-Starve Score & Cheats

The score is somewhat difficult to learn. Remember that the longer the word, the better because you will then be awarded with more points. If you have a word that is one lettered, you will receive a total of 1 point. If it is a two lettered word, a total of 2 points will be awarded. You receive 3 points for a word that is three lettered. From the four letter words it starts getting better, because you receive 8 points. If it is a five letter word, 15 points will be awarded to you and 18 points if it is a six letter word. When it comes to a seven lettered word, the total points you receive is 28. Lastly, 8 lettered words will earn you a total of 40 points.

For that reason, we recommend you that you try to receive the Wild card tiles because they are the best, and from there you answer the words. It is recommended that you focus on long lettered words simply because they will award you much more points for your advantage. Good luck.

Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish

Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish is a nice turn by turn game for chess fans that will allow you to set up a solid strategy from where you will win. Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish will allow you to use your brain to get an extra boost.


You have to know that there are different characters and that every one of them will not have the same characteristics. Instead, every one of these characters will have a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Below will be a short list that can serve as a list to learn how many points can be received from each character when it attacks another.

The Eyrie will have a total of 3 attack points, 1 defence point and 1 speed point. The total points it will receive is 1000.

The Gelert has a total of 3 attack points, 1 defence point and 1 speed point and will receive a total of 300 points.

The Skeith has a total of 3 attack points, 3 defence points and 2 speed points. The total amount of points he will receive is 250 points.

The Kougra has a total of 2 attack points, 2 defence points and 3 speed points. He will receive a total of 200 points.

The Scorchio will have 0 attack points, however a solid defence of 4 points and 1 speed point. The maximum amount of points he will provide is 100.


When you start the game, the first thing you will see is the turn number that is located on the top left side of the screen. Note that you take turns to play the game and that is what the game is based on. If you need less than 30 turns to defeat Darigan, you receive 50 points total for the difference. That means if you defeat Darigan when you are on turn #29, you receive 50 points. If it is turn #28 you receive 100 points and so on.

You see that Meridell will start on the side of the screen and you start and do the first move. You have a character that you click on and to move in order to be successful on the game. On the game you grab speed potions that will allow you to go farther than usual and from there you have a slight advantage in the game. Not only speed potions, there are also attack potions that will give you an extra point when you decide to attack, and that for a whole turn. There are also rocks that will not let you pass through, so you have to counter them.

Your attack must be higher than the defence of your opponent. If his defence is higher than your attack, you should not attack him because your character will then get killed. If your opponent decides to attack you, his attack must be higher than your defence, otherwise his unit will get destroyed too. For example, if a character has 2 attack points and the opponent has 2 defence points and you try to kill it, you will notice that both of the units will be destroyed. If you have 1 attack point and your enemy has 2 defence points, do not attack him because he will remain where he is at and your unit will get destroyed.


There are different difficulties in the game. The first one is Easy where you see the opponents units and their stats so you do not have any problem completing the game, because you know where you are heading. The medium mode is the second one and this one will not allow you to see your opponent. Their stats will also be hidden when the game starts so you do not know if it is good to attack X unit or not. The last difficulty is hard mode where you do not see your opponent and their stats will always be hidden on the start of the game. You only see your opponent when he decides to attack you, otherwise he will remain hidden.

Neopets Sorcerer’s Skirmish Strategy & Cheats

It is recommended that you always go offensive because this is the key to victory. Make sure that you play few times on the easy difficulties so that you can learn more about the units and memorize them. When you feel confident enough, you advance to the hard difficulty, if you’re going after a high score or after a trophy. Note that you want to be careful for the hidden enemies because they can be tricky.

You find that at the beginning, the game is confusing by itself but note that the more you play, the easier the game will get and you proceed to the hard level where you earn the most amount of points possible. Note that a score of 7950 is possible, even though it is very rare to achieve it. Always go after the green and the red potion to get an advantage over your enemy. You then score depending on the amount of rounds you use. Don’t forget that the less rounds you need in order to complete the game, the more points that will be awarded to you. The points goes by 50 points for each turn that is under 30 turns. Good luck.

Neopets Snowball Fight

Neopets Snowball Fight is a game for snow fans because it will involve snowball fights where you are throwing them at your opponents and grabbing points from there. Neopets Snowball Fight will give you the opportunity to become better at snowball fights in real life too (well, not really).


The controls for Neopets Snowball Fight are quite simple. You have to mainly use your mouse so you are able to control the Kougra that is presented to you, from where you hit the friends of his. His friends are of the Kyrii specie, the Scorchio specie, the Aisha specie, and lastly a petpet by the name of Meepit. You have to hit them in order to gain points and you need to be careful, because you do not want to hit the faeries that you will encounter. In order to successfully throw a snowball at your opponents.

Neopets Snowball Fight Strategy & Cheats

You type snowghettiandmeatball to receive an extra 10 snowballs that you can use in Neopets Snowball Fight. You only type this cheat code once per game. You should more worry about the enemies that you are hitting than about yourself, and you will have to put your cursor on them in order to shoot snowballs on them. You also see that there is a barrier and your enemies will be hiding behind it. It will not provide protection to them unless they’re behind it. So if they’re not seen you should avoid wasting snowballs for nothing.

Make sure that if you see the Deiter the Polarchuck you always shoot at him. He will be mostly parachuting down from the sky, so once you see him you hit him in order to receive 10 or even more than that. He will only be seen in the game once you have less than 40 snowballs. Having more than that will make sure that he doesn’t show up.

Always have an eye on the number of snowball you have. You do not want to run out of snowballs, for that reason you will want to be careful. Don’t shoot at your enemies if you’re unsure whether you hit them or not. You want to shoot at them in order to grab the maximum amount of points possible, so you can qualify for a trophy. Unfortunately, there is no avatar for this game so you want to play it rather for fun or for Neopoints. It is a fairly good game when it comes to NP, because usually you receive a lot by having a few points. Good luck.

Neopets Smug Bug Smite

Neopets Smug Bug Smite is a game for bug haters where you have to use a weapon and to use it to eradicate bugs, which are the bug smite, and from there you rejoice. Neopets Smug Bug Smite will give you the opportunity to train your shooting skills as you have to be precise and speedy at the same time.


When you start playing the game of Neopets Smug Bug Smite, you have a choice of choosing your weapon. You choose between the Sticky paper, the Bug spray or even the net. Make sure that there is no difference when it comes to the score. The only thing that is not the same, is the way that you catch the bugs, nothing else.

The brothers will be appearing on different location on the map for each different level and your main objective will be to successfully capture them and from there you can grab points. Your points will depend on your speed. The quicker you are, the more points you will get. If you are not fast enough, and do not manage to capture them, you are not able to proceed to the next level and you lose! They will then have NP on their hands that they will have stolen. There is a total of three levels in the game. The more you progress, the less time you have to capture the bugs.

Score & Points

For every level, you have a number of points that will be given to you depending on the amount of time you spend to catch the bugs and the time bonus will add to your total score. For the first level, you receive a total of 100 points and the time bonus will be 5 times. For the second level, you receive 150 points with a 10 time bonus multiplier. Lastly, for the third level, you receive 200 points with a 100 time multiplier.

Neopets Smug Bug Smite Strategy & Cheats

Note that you have to be fast. When you start playing the game, you have to play it few times so that you can know where the bugs will appear. They will usually have no more than 3-4 location when they will appear. There is a total of two and you have to pick and spot from where you keep clicking so once bugs appears, you receive a lot of points. When the first one appear, you have to get ready for the next one that will usually pop up faster than the time that the first one took to appear.

Usually, you will not reach more than 600 points by yourself, where most people are not able to go higher than the 500 points range. However, there are people that can reach the 700 points range. There is actually no way to get there with speed, so how do they do it? They simply click FAST, but they don’t get points because they saw the bug faster. They click many times and fast which will let them click on bugs twice. From there they will receive more points, thus reaching that range. It is recommended that you do so if you’re going after a super high score or after a trophy.

Note that it is recommended that you play few times before you start playing seriously. You want to know the location of the bug brothers, and to do that few tries are necessary. You notice that on the third level, if you’re not fast enough, the time will quickly run out. For that reason, we recommend that you use a slow computer if you have one. You then catch bugs faster, because the speed of the mouse will remain the speed, even though the computer is slower. Remember that you can not run out of ammo. For that reason you want to keep clicking in order to fire a lot of times. You can fire as much as you want, so always keep clicking on the screen on the spot that you think the bug will be popping from. If there is a spot that you know the bug won’t appear from, make sure that you don’t wait there.

Take your mouse cursor to one spot and keep clicking while you watch the other areas that can have bugs pop up there. That way if you see them you’ll get there pretty much quickly, so do that for your own advantage.